Two-Part Cold Applied Pouring Grade Polysulphide Sealant for Sealing Horizontal Movement Joints


EUNISEAL PARASEAL is specifically designed for horizontal movement and construction/contraction joints in various structures, including reinforced concrete structures, bridges, subways, tunnels, culverts, tanks, silos, and other reinforced concrete buildings. When used in areas subject to attrition from vehicles or other sources, it is recommended to recess EUNISEAL PARASEAL 3 mm below the wearing surface to minimize the impact of wear and debris. Additionally, as polymer sealants can swell when immersed in water, recessing them below the surface allows for the necessary increase in volume during such conditions.

  • Resistant to environmental pollution, weathering, and immersion, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Capable of accommodating shear and transverse movement, providing flexibility in various structural applications.
  • Offers a tough and resilient sealant that is resistant to damage.
  • Exhibits resistance to occasional spillage of dilute acids, alkalis, fuel, and oil, enhancing its suitability for diverse environments.
  • Chemically curing, easily mixed and applied, and self-leveling, making it convenient for application in various conditions.
  • Bonds effectively to all building substrates when used with the appropriate primer, ensuring a secure and reliable seal.
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