EUNISEAL DPH is a sodium silicate based solution, which impregnates the surface of concrete. This causes a reaction between the components of the cement and silicate solution, to produce siliceous materials which subsequently reduce and close the pores of the concrete. This has the eect of hardening the surface and making the concrete dustproof.


With Cements: EUNISEAL DPH can be used as a surface treatment with all types of Portland cements and for those containing cement replacement materials. With Other Admixtures: EUNISEAL DPH should not be premixed with other admixtures. The performance of the material may be aected by the presence of other chemicals.


• EUNISEAL DPH produces a surface hardening effect, to a depth of 1.0 cm -1.5 cm

• Application of EUNISEAL DPH improves surface resistance to chemical attack

• Increase protection against acid attack

• EUNISEAL DPH reduces the surface permeability of concrete

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