EUNIGROUT 500 HD is a preblended powdered grout, meticulously crafted with high-strength cement, graded aggregates, and strength-enhancing admixtures to attain exceptional strength properties. Upon mixing with water, EUNIGROUT 500 HD transforms into a fluid grout without segregation, effectively filling intricate spaces. This versatile grout is applicable in all grouting scenarios where minimizing shrinkage is essential. Common uses encompass under-plate grouting, space grouting, repairs to precast concrete, bedding bearing plates, anchor bolt fixing, cable grouts, and crane rail assembly.


EUNIGROUT 500 HD is suitable for a wide range of grouting applications involving both concrete and earth water-retaining structures. Its versatility extends to typical uses such as grouting in earth and concrete dams, water spillways, underwater grouting, and similar scenarios.


• EUNIGROUT 500 HD is a genuine nongaseous grout, devoid of bleeding, and maintains long-term stability across a broad range of temperatures and humidities.

• Factory blended for consistent quality and can be site-blended in specific cases.

• Exhibits an extremely fluid consistency, facilitating easy application in challenging access areas.

• EUNIGROUT 500 HD showcases excellent flow retention and maintains a prolonged usable life even at high ambient temperatures.

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