EUNIGROUT 500+ is a pre-mixed cementitious non-shrink grout, comprising a one-component cementitious powder blend. It necessitates only the addition of water to create a self-leveling floor topping, specifically engineered to offer outstanding flow properties, shrinkage compensation, frost resistance, and high compressive strength. EUNIGROUT 500+ is non-corrosive, non-oxidizing, and devoid of chlorides and nitrates.


EUNIGROUT 500+ is applicable in all grouting scenarios where minimizing shrinkage is essential. Common uses encompass under-plate grouting, space grouting, repairs to precast concrete, bedding bearing plates, anchor bolt fixing, cable grouting, and crane rail assembly. Additionally, EUNIGROUT 500+ is well-suited for concrete repairs and the application of floor toppings.


• Non-segregating

• Suitable for machine application

• High strength

• Easy to apply

• Good self-leveling and smooth surface

• Applicable with thickness ranging from 0.5 mm to 50 mm

• EUNIGROUT 500+ exhibits excellent flow retention and maintains a prolonged usable life even at high ambient temperatures.

• Forms a high, non-corrosive bond with steel and concrete.

• Demonstrates high early strength characteristics, enabling a swift return to service.

• As a non-shrink solution, it ensures maximum contact with the surface.

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