EUNIGROUT 500 is a pre-mixed cementitious non-shrink grout that delivers high performance across a range of consistencies. Designed to comply with CRD C621 standards, EUNIGROUT 500 is non-gaseous, non-corrosive, and non-oxidizing. Additionally, it is free from chlorides and nitrates, ensuring a reliable and durable solution for various grouting applications.


EUNIGROUT 500 is versatile and suitable for all grouting scenarios where minimizing shrinkage is essential. Its applications include underplate grouting, space grouting, and repairs to precast concrete. Additionally, it proves effective in tasks such as bedding bearing plates, anchor bolt fixing, cable grouting, and assembly of crane rails. EUNIGROUT 500 is also well-suited for concrete repairs and the application of floor toppings.


• EUNIGROUT 500 stands as a truly nongaseous grout, devoid of issues like bleeding, settlement, and shrinkage, offering enduring stability across a broad spectrum of temperatures and humidities.

• Meticulously blended and packaged at the factory to eliminate on-site variations and errors.

• Boasts an exceptionally fluid consistency, facilitating trouble-free application in challenging access areas.

• EUNIGROUT 500 exhibits outstanding flow retention and maintains a prolonged usable life, even in elevated ambient temperatures.

• Establishes a high, non-corrosive bond with both steel and concrete.

• Demonstrates high early strength characteristics, enabling a swift return to service.

• Possesses excellent ultimate strength, maintaining resilience even at a fluid consistency.

• As a non-shrink solution, it ensures maximum contact with the surface.

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