EUNIGROUT ES4 is a low viscosity, tow-pack, clear, non-solvent, liquid epoxy resin, which has high bond strengths and excellent penetrative power, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

EUNIGROUT ES4 complies with ASTM C881-78 Grade 1, Class B and Class C.


Major and typical uses are crack injection, sealing/bonding in gaps from 0.5 - 5 mm, reinforcement protection, concrete priming for epoxy mortars and as a protective coating to these mortars. Non-slip flooring on walkways, bridges, etc. with broadcast aggregates. Excellent adhesive between new and old concrete.


• Low viscosity and gives good penetrative power at low pressures for crack sealing.

• Rapid strength development ensures early return to service.

• High early strength development for rapid return to service.

• Excellent bond strengths to concrete, steel and a wide range of building materials.

• Highly resistant to acids, alkalies, oils, grease and other aggressive materials.

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