Talks on business opportunities at the EU Arab World Summit

Al-Faiha Engineering Products attended the EU Arab World Summit in Athens, Greece last year. The EU Arab World Summit discussed about Euro-Arab cooperation, especially in terms of business and economic opportunities. Several keynote speakers were present from the Greek government and the MENA region, such as business leaders, prime ministers, and ministers. The construction firm said they were proud to be a part of the discussion and hoped everything deliberated would bring a positive impact towards both region. “We hope this summit will help to strengthen the business and economic relationship between EU and the MENA region,” An Al-Faiha representative said. “We see the talks leading towards more innovative and capable solutions towards infrastructure and business investments.” The Summit consists of a number of sessions each implying a different topic about what EU and MENA can do for future trade alliances. Al-Faiha saw great outcomes from the dialogue and hoped it would improve business relations in terms of construction.


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