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Al-Faiha for Engineering Products (Al-Faiha) was established in Jordan in 1987 as a trading company specialized in construction chemicals. In 1987, Al-Faiha built its own factory under the name of “Babil Construction Materials” (currently Al-Faiha), a subsidiary company, to manufacture concrete additives,

curing compounds,release agents, protective coatings for concrete, repair products and grouts, all under license from former Grace Construction Products (currently GCP Applied Technologies).
Al-Faiha produces according to procedures provided by the licensing firm, under highly qualified supervision, using the same raw materials (or approved equivalents) and subject to strict quality control tests, ensuring that output is up to required international standards.


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Al-Faiha produces and provides quality construction products, materials and technologies in order to enhance and better the construction industry.
We fulfill our customer’s needs through continuous improvement, with technologies that ensure required quality, based on the client specifications.
Through focusing on customer satisfaction, we always deliver our class products with a service valuing honesty and integrity.


Al-Faiha values its employees, customers and the environments in which we operate. Al-Faiha always commits to complying with Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) laws and regulations in all areas. We work cooperatively to identify, reduce and potentially remove health and safety hazards. It is vital to note the importance of a safe workplace, the protection of the environment and the reduction and prevention of pollution. In addition, Al-Faiha is always up to date with ongoing HSE laws and regulations. Through strong leadership, HSE laws and regulations are fully adopted by Al-Faiha.

ISO 9001:2015

Al-Faiha products and quality control
system is certified by
ISO 9001:2015